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Top 5 Post Training Recovery Foods

By Vin Sehgal, Youth Football Online, 08/07/17, 9:45AM CDT


My favorite analogy about nutrition is one that says, an athlete is like a lamborghini, premium fuel is required.  just like the car, the best food (fuel) choices are necessary for optimal on-field performance.

Post training nutrition focus is equally as important- what does your child need during the recovery process? As the burning of calories occurs, it is important to refuel with the right food. First and foremost- upon completion of a strenuous training session, it is imperative to ‘hydrate up’, so do not forget to drink water- before, during and after your kid’s workouts. After an intense training session, nourishing your athlete’s body with nutritious options is your goal, while reducing muscle soreness.

Let’s look at our favorite post workout recovery foods.