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MSR Rule: "You Can't Win All the Time"

By Sean Jensen, 04/25/17, 1:00PM CDT


After a bitter loss, Jamaal Charles learns from his mother the importance of being a good sport.

Chapter 5: Killer Millers

Jamaal's family has lots of great athletes, and a lot of cousins and siblings compete together on teams in their hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. 

They develop a nickname: The Killer Millers.

(Miller is the last name of relatives on Jamaal's mom side.)

When he's six years old, Jamaal plays flag football -- and he loves it! He plays multiple positions, and he is very, very good. But after an undefeated season, Jamaal's team goes against another really talented team. 

Though he's used to being the fastest player, Jamaal faces someone with even more speed!

In the end, Jamaal's team loses the game, and he does not want to shake hands with the other team.

But Jamaal's mother, who is one of his coaches, shares an important lesson with her son.

This is not the actual text from the chapter but rather an abridged version. 

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