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PowerPay Upgrades: Pay by check and new reports

03/02/2017, 8:00am CST
By Jim Dahline

SportsEngine users love using PowerPay. Administrators like its easy bill creation, automatic reminders, and getting payments online. Parents and sponsors appreciate the ease of paying online without having to remember cash or a checkbook. 

That's why we're excited to announce some new features that are sure to delight administrators and parents alike. Now, bills can be paid online via checking or savings account. This is especially valuable for businesses that may be sponsoring your organization as many still prefer to pay bills with a check. We've also upgraded PowerPay reports so you can see the bills in a particular status (like overdue) or full transaction details.  

New PowerPay features!

  1. Pay bills with checking/savings account
  2. Bill status reports
  3. Transaction reports


As the sponsorship coordinator for a youth hockey association, PowerPay has been a lifesaver. I now use a single system to create and send bills, accept payments, and get a snapshot of all the outstanding sponsorship payments. We've also used it to collect "level up" fee differences. But a common issue we've run into is the need to pay by check. Now, PowerPay allows anyone to pay a bill with a checking or savings account. 

Pay bills with checking or savings account

Bill Status

On a weekly basis, I check in to see the status of bills. Generally, I'm looking to see bills that are overdue so I can reach out to anyone with a gentle reminder (outside of the automatic ones they are receiving). Now, PowerPay allows you to show bills in any particular status: credited, overdue, paid, partially paid, partially refunded, refunded, unpaid, and voided.

View all bills based on status


If you want to see all transactions that have been made through PowerPay, you can do that in the new Transactions section. This is really valuable if you want to see what's happened in the past week, or get additional details to help someone who has had a payment fail. For example, you can see details like 'verification code was invalid'.

View all recent transactions

Learn More

To bring your organization to SportsEngine or to learn more about how you can use PowerPay, start by scheduling a chat with a SportsEngine expert through our Get Started form:

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    About the Author

    Jim Dahline is Director of Marketing at SportsEngine. He is also a board member for Edina Hockey Association and works specifically with tournaments, sponsors, and fundraising. He is on the planning committee for US Pond Hockey Championships and serves as Communications Director.

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