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The Middle School Rules

By Sean Jensen, 04/20/17, 2:00PM CDT


Real Life. Real Lessons. Real Inspiration.

About The Middle School Rules

Before they could thrive, they had to survive! Inspire a child with the real-life, childhood lessons and challenges sports stars had to learn and overcome in order to achieve a dream.

Jamaal Charles

The Middle School Rules of Jamaal Charles features the stories and lessons of Jamaal’s childhood, defined by people overlooking him. Young readers will see how Jamaal deals with bullying and endures teasing because of a long undiagnosed learning disability that enabled him to participate in the Special Olympics as a 10-year-old. 

Skylar Diggins

The Middle School Rules of Skylar Diggins features Skylar’s defining childhood stories and lessons about growing up in
a diverse, middle-class family. Young readers will learn how Skylar dealt with bullying, struggled to fit in at school, and figured out how to excel in basketball despite never being the tallest, strongest, or fastest player.

Charles Tillman

The Middle School Rules of Charles Tillman features the defining childhood stories of a young, well-traveled boy nicknamed “Peanut,” who had to deal with racism, adapt to constant relocation, and endure the divorce of his parents. Inspired by faith and family, Tillman persevered and carved out an indelible mark both on and off the field.

Brian Urlacher

The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher is the first book in the series. It features the real-life childhood stories and exploits of young Brian Urlacher, who received one college scholarship offer. After a brilliant career with the Chicago Bears, Urlacher is considered a potential Hall of Fame linebacker. 

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