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Hockey mom leads mobile revolution

11/21/2016, 1:00am CST
By Loren Nelson

Webmaster of the Week: November 21-27

Name: Kathleen Campbell

Site: Tri-City Eagles Hockey Club

Position: Internal Communications Director

Use of platform: Branded Mobile, Registration, Sitebuilder

Background: Campbell (formerly Keller) went to high school in the northern Baltimore suburb of Towson, where she attended Notre Dame Preparatory School. She ran track and was a cheerleader while growing up as a sports junkie. “I used to know every rule of football,” said Campbell, who also attended Towson University. “I know baseball. I am a fan first.” Campbell lives in the northern Washington D.C. suburb of Columbia with her husband, David. They were more than a little surprised six years ago when their son, Colin, made the announcement out of seemingly nowhere that he wanted to play hockey. “We were like, ‘What?’ ” Kathleen said. “But I have developed a great love for the game.” After working to maximize SportsEngine’s team management and communications tools as a team manager, she took on the new role of Internal Communications Director for the organization last spring.

What she does: Campbell convinced the Tri-City Eagles’ leadership group to manage all team-related functions through SportsEngine’s branded mobile app. “Instead of creating things outside of SportsEngine through other websites or Excel spreadsheets, people want a one-stop shop,” she said. Campbell said Tri-City has 18 teams including its recreation program, totaling about 300 players. For each team, private statistics and coach pages are typically created. Team managers are required to enter scores within an hour of each game and statistics by Monday of each week. The private coach page has roster information pulled from registration and displayed in a Survey Report. The table includes parent names, phone numbers and emails, making it easy for coaches to quickly access contact information.

Making her mark: Campbell regularly makes herself available at the rink during practices to work with coaches and team managers on how to use messaging and stat-keeping tools.

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