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Build your teams with OnlineDraft

05/17/2016, 9:15pm CDT
By Jim Dahline

After your sign up registration season, it's time to put athletes on teams. For leagues, clubs, and associations who utilize a draft system our new integration with OnlineDraft will make the process of putting together teams fast and easy.

OnlineDraft Integration Features:

  1. Set up coaches, teams, and draft requirements
  2. Direct import of athletes from any Sport Ngin registration session
  3. Conduct draft and fill teams with athletes
  4. Push teams back to Sport Ngin

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Import Athletes from Sport Ngin

Adding athletes is easy with direct integration with Sport Ngin Registration. Simply select the registration session you want to import from, and your athletes will automatically be available to draft.

Set up your draft

After importing your athletes, you'll want to configure your draft. Add the number of teams, coaches, number of rounds (athletes per team), and any other custom settings.

Conduct your Draft

It's time to draft. Go through the rounds with coaches selecting athletes for your team. This can be based on skill or just picking athletes to fill your team. It's up to you.

Send Completed Teams to Sport Ngin

When your draft is complete, push your teams back to Sport Ngin. Your team rosters will be complete and available for coaches and managers to begin the season.

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Learn more about registration, rostering, and team management by scheduling a chat with a Sport Ngin expert through our Get Started form:

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