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Soccer team makes 'calculated' uniform decision

04/01/2016, 2:00pm CDT
By Al Buczkowski

It took a little extra effort for fans to figure out who was who as Romania warmed up before their recent friendly with Spain.

In support of an initiative aimed at reducing the country's 18% dropout rate, the Romanian national soccer team swapped out their usual pre-game jerseys with ones that presented each player's number as a math problem. 

According to The Guardian, Romania currently has the highest dropout rate in the European Union, and the head of the country's football federation wants people to view sport and education as partners in the development of healthy children.

“Football and mathematics are not mutually exclusive,” the Romanian Football Federation president, Razvan Burleanu, told The Guardian. "We must look at sports and education as not only complementary but fundamental elements integrated in the training and perfection of children."

Referees didn't have to worry about the "match fitness" of their math skills, however. The special one-off jerseys were worn for warm-ups only.

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