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AutoForms make it easy to collect and access important documents

01/11/2016, 7:00am CST
By Jim Dahline

The number of forms, information, and data that parents need to collect for their athletes to participate in athletics can be overwhelming to locate and frustrating to add (over and over) to forms. With AutoForms, parents enter information once and organizations get every required form completed.


The great things about AutoForms:

  1. Enabled in your registration request with one click.
  2. Easily print off for every athlete in your registration session at one time.
  3. Forms are available immediately after athlete registration is submitted.
  4. Clear and legible print so you can read information when you need it.
  5. No extra costs to use!

Easily enable during registration request

AutoForms are preloaded and you'll only need to enable them in your registration request. We will make sure every piece of data is added to your registration that is needed. 

Generate Forms for Entire Registration

You no longer need to hand out and chase down parents to collect critical documents like Consent to Treat forms. Once your registration period is closed, in one click, print off your documents for everyone who has registered.

AutoForms are immediately available

Once a registration is complete, the AutoForms are available. No more lag time in getting them completed and accessing them.

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Printed information is 100% legible

The worst thing that can happen is to need critical emergency information but be unable to read it. We get it, handwriting can sometimes be a challenge to read. With AutoForms, information is clear and easy to read.

[HELP] Download Completed AutoForms

[Help] Use AutoForms in your Registration

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