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Tourney soccer update released

09/17/2015, 3:45pm CDT
By Jim Dahline

Tourney has been used by some of the largest soccer events in the world. When combined with Tourney Mobile, it creates the most interactive and engaging experience for tournament coaches, fans, officials, and athletes. We're excited to share a significant update to Tourney which brings even more features to soccer tournaments to help them manage their events.

September Update

These features will help soccer tournament directors, communications staff, and volunteers create the most exciting experiences for their participants and fans: 

  1. Complete Stats
  2. Upgraded Goal and Penalty Plays
  3. Red/Yellow Card Reporting
  4. Integrated Sitebuilder Widgets

Complete Stats

Now included are 30 individual and team stats, as well as 10 goaltender stats to track, giving tournament officials the ability to track and display as many stats as they want for their event.

Complete control over tracked stats

Upgraded Goal and Penalty Plays

By adding individual scoring and penalty plays, you can create complete box scores. Match scores will automatically update with each scoring play, and when your match is over, a single click will generate your match stats.

A new UI to input scoring and penalty plays.

A new UI to input scoring and penalty plays.

Red/Yellow Card Reporting

A new Infractions Report creates a formatted file that you can easily print off, or save as a pdf to email, and provide to your officials and eligibility staff or governing body.

All new Infractions Report

Integrated Sitebuilder Widgets

It's easy to display your tournament schedules, standings, scores, and stats on your Sitebuilder website with all new integrated page elements. Now, as you progress through your tournament entering data in Tourney, the same data will automatically display on your website. 

Sitebuilder page elements integrated with Tourney

Learn More

To use Tourney for your next soccer tournament, schedule time to have a chat with a Sport Ngin expert through our Get Started form:

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