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Registration is good time to move merchandise

08/28/2015, 12:00am CDT
By Sport Ngin

Here’s a true story. Aside from offering help and useful apps to sports organizations, Sport Ngin is the proud owner of the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships. This annual event gives us a chance to get out of the office, have A LOT of fun, and test the apps we build for youth sports organizations.

Last year as the announced online registration time approached, we noticed that our website traffic spiked as about 1,000 hockey players waited for online registration to open. Bright idea! A bunch of players are about to whip out a credit card and happily sign-up to play in our tournament. Plus, we have a pile of limited edition T-shirts available to sell. Let’s see if any of these eager folks would like to add a T-shirt to their registration.

Guess what? They did. More than 200 people bought shirts that day. 

Much like a grocery store offering impulse items at the check-out, take advantage of the fact that you have parents and athletes happily registering (and paying) to be a part of your organization or tournament. If you have something to sell, now is a perfect time.


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