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Grade schooler beats NBA All-Star in 1-on-1 [VIDEO]

06/22/2015, 12:30pm CDT
By Al Buczkowski

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has taken his fair share of criticism for lack of defense during his NBA career.

This certainly won’t help his case:

The youngster challenged Cousins to the game of 1-on-1 during a recent basketball camp in Sacramento, California.

With summer sports camp season upon us, it serves as a reminder for everybody involved: focus on the fundamentals, yes, but more importantly on the fun, the friendships, and the fitness.


Most people are more receptive to just about any task if they’re having fun while doing it. Ideally, it’s the primary reason any child is involved in sports to begin with. But even those who love the game can get bored with it from time to time. Summer camps are a chance for athletes to experience their sport in a fresh environment and learn from different coaches bringing a unique perspective. Mix in some games, contests, and laughs, and camps help kids learn to love the game away from any “game day” pressure.


For many athletes, summer clinics mean playing the game with a whole new cast of characters. While nerve-wracking at first for some, developing relationships with new people provides a priceless boost in confidence that will serve them well when they encounter new social situations in the future.


We all know how strong the allure of the couch can get as the summer goes along. And sadly, it seems like the Sandlot days of kids organizing regular games on their own are long gone. 

Yeah. This just doesn't really happen anymore.

While not as spontaneous as a backyard home run derby, camps and clinics give kids a chance to exercise, socialize, and play in an environment that’s a little looser (depending on the camp, of course) than their regular school or athletic association experiences.

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