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Tourney microsite pages now display in Spanish

05/16/2015, 7:00am CDT
By Jim Dahline

Working closely with Univision, one of our newest investors, we're proud to release a new feature for Tourney that brings Spanish language support to the microsite pages that host scores, schedules, and standings. This has been a requested feature from not only areas with heaving Spanish speaking populations, but also from customers who host events that welcome teams from around the world.

The new update doesn't require any changes in Tourney. Instead, Tourney recognizes the language that the browser is set to, and if it is Spanish, the page data will change to display Spanish instead of English.

Below are examples of what a page looks like when visited with first English as the browser language and then when viewed with Spanish as the browser language.

With English set as language in browser

With Spanish set as language in browser

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