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Webmaster feeds multiple passions

04/13/2015, 4:00pm CDT
By Loren Nelson

Webmaster of the Week: April 6-12

Name: Jon Silber


Position: President

Background: Silber, who graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in communications in 1992, has worked as a broadcast journalist and producer for several media organizations, including ESPN, The Golf Channel, Fox Sports, NBC and Time Warner. He also has experience as a mathematics teacher and in a variety of sales positions. Silber has a deep passion for family (he and his wife, Denise, have six children -- ages 23, 13, 12, 9, 8, 7); Irvine, Calif., the affluent Orange County city where he has lived for the last 20 years; and sports.

What he does: Silber aligned his interests and experience in February by launching, a website devoted to all sports at all levels in Irvine. He writes stories, shoots photos and videos, re-writes media releases from local colleges and posts all that content (five our more new articles typically flow onto the site each day). Silber also updates social media accounts, goes after sponsors and advertisers and handles all of the site’s marketing efforts. “Everything goes through me,” Silber said. “I am a control freak.” He says he attends about 10 sporting events a week, not including his children’s events that make Saturdays, in particular, extremely hectic. 

Making his mark: Silber’s broadcast background is on display in the form of the Top Videos section in the right rail of the home page. He has posted videos on the hiring of a new head football coach at a local high school and highlights from former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart’s youth flag football league, among other topics.


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