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Flag football webmaster learns on the fly

03/09/2015, 3:45pm CDT
By Loren Nelson

Webmaster of the Week: March 9-15

Name: Mark Delgado

Site: East Texas Flag Football

Position: Founder/Webmaster/Commissioner

Background: The 41-year-old Delgado, who has been playing flag football since he was a teen, finally grew so tired of the 200-mile round-trip commute from his home near Tyler, Texas, to the Dallas area for games and tournaments that he started his own league. “It was actually a guy running leagues and tournaments in Dallas that talked me into doing it,” Delgado said. “He told me, ‘You don’t know how much work you are about to get into, but it will turn out.’ ” While most previous Sport Ngin Webmasters of the Week have some sort of technology background, Delgado is a carpenter by trade who owns a residential remodeling and repair company. Delgado migrated the East Texas Flag Football site onto the Sport Ngin platform three years ago, and much of his technology education has come through phone calls with the company’s support team. “I jumped on and from the beginning the customer support was what had me hooked,” he said. “I know everybody up there. I even know the new guys by name.”

What he does: Delgado builds online registration for leagues and tournaments, ensures that statistics are kept and posted, ranks players by ability, writes league news and highlights articles and works with third-party providers to post highlight videos. The player ranking system was designed to keep top-level teams from competing in lower-division tournaments, some of which offer as much as $1,000 to the winning team. Delgado works with Dallas-area flag football officials to help determine the player rankings then lists them in table format on the site. 

Making his mark: Delgado has a section on the site devoted to the league’s rules. He said that even accomplished tackled football players can struggle making the adjustment to the nuances of flag football. “I know that format,” said Delgado, who still plays regularly, mostly as a wide receiver who will also takes snaps at quarterback as needed. “I have been doing that for so long. I kind of keep my team and players anchored on how to play that format.”


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