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Wrestling hotbed home to massive league

02/16/2015, 1:30pm CST
By Loren Nelson

Webmaster of the Week: February 16-22

Name: Brian Martz

Site: Inter County Wrestling League

Position: Technology Director

Background: Martz grew up in western Pennsylvania and wrestled in college for Gannon University in Erie. The Director of Client Services for the IT consulting firm TechGuides, Martz lives in the Philadelphia area where he coaches the suburban Phoenixville youth wrestling team.

What he does: The Inter County Wrestling League consists of 46 club programs totaling about 3,000 youth wrestlers in six counties and is one of USA Wrestling’s largest leagues in, fittingly, one of the nation's biggest wrestling hotbeds. Webmaster is just one of Martz’s many duties. As technology director, he also is in charge of tournament information collection, maintaining email distribution lists and compiling and posting statistics. He also sits on the league’s board of directors. “My wife says she is a wreslting widow from November to March,” Martz says. As the Inter County Wrestling League’s webmaster, Martz keeps the site’s news feed updated with information on upcoming tournaments, league meetings and schedule changes. He created a color-coded 2015 schedule page and built a private, members-only league contact list using information automatically gathered from registration sessions.

Making his mark: Martz created a sponsors page that includes a sponsorship form and lists league sponsors in categories ranging from $2,000 league sponsors to $50 bracket sponsors.


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