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Community site doubles as sports network hub

01/05/2015, 1:30am CST
By Loren Nelson

Webmaster of the Week: January 5-11

Name: Darin Keuhn

Site: Eagan Athletic Association

Position: Director of Web Strategy & Support

Background: Keuhn, a Senior IT Risk Analyst for Prime Therapeutics, was interested in serving as a volunteer in the Eagan Athletic Association in a non-coaching position and was introduced to the Director of Web Strategy & Support role through marathon-running training partner and friend Jeff Eckerle. Keuhn spent last year training under Eckerle, who previously held the position, and took over as the site’s sole webmaster at the start of 2015. Keuhn has twin 9-year-olds playing multiple sports, including basketball, soccer and hockey in Eagan, a Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb with a population of about 64,000.

What he does: Keuhn oversees the Eagan Athletic Association site, which serves as the hub to the Eagan’s Sports Network’s 11 sports. Many of those sports, including lacrosse and soccer, have standalone sites that are managed by their own webmasters. He helped build out the initial landing pages for association's most recent sports offerings, cross country and track, and provides guidance to website administrators who send questions to the site's support email.

Making his mark: Keuhn keeps a list of links to all active registrations on the Eagan Athletic Association home page, where he also placed a poll asking viewers, “Why do you come to the EAA Website?” He also hopes to use Google analytics to help identify the topics, pages and information viewers are interested in most, then structure the site accordingly.



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