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Creating and embedding Google Map is simple

12/11/2014, 2:30pm CST
By David Urbaniak

Where should we park? Where is field Number 2? I live just east of the highway, what district does that put me in? 

These types of questions may be common for volunteers in youth sports organizations but can be solved by one easy solution ... a detailed map.

Using Google Maps with the Code Element Page Element on Sport Ngin, a map can be added to any page, any email, or in any registration session. If you build out templates, you will only have to add a map once, then you can reuse the template as many times as you would like.

With Google Maps you can draw lines that divide areas or drop markers in to a detailed area.

Step 1: Click Here and select Create a New Map

Step 2: Use the tool to add markers (1) and draw lines (2)


Example of District Border Map:

Step 3: Finish map and select Share

Step 4: Title the map
Step 5: Change map from private to public

Step 6: Select Done
Step 7: Select the folder
Step 8: Select Embed In My Site

Step 9: Copy the iFrame code

Step 10: Navigate to where you want to place the map on your Sport Ngin site
Step 11: Add the Code Page Element

Note: You can adjust the width and height with in the code to fit where you would like it on your Sport Ngin page

View the Map in User Mode:


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