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Find and follow your team using Sport Ngin Mobile

11/07/2014, 3:15pm CST
By David Urbaniak

You have remembered everything. What a glorious feeling.

Team snack? Got it. Practice shorts? In the bag. Magazine to glance at during breaks in the action? Check. But wait ... what gym is tonight's practice at? Is it the high school on the north side of town or at the middle school on the south side? 

No need to panic, just find the location on your mobile device using the free Sport Ngin app.

Fans, parents, students, athletes, and coaches of 80,000-plus sports teams worldwide now have unprecedented access to scores, stats, schedules, photo and video sharing and more.

Install the app today and keep up with the latest schedules, results, news and statistics. Share photos and videos right from the game and enjoy rosters and player profiles, complete with game-by-game statistics.

To download the Sport Ngin mobile app, go here for Apple devices and here for Android devices.

Note: You need to log into the app in order to find your team if the team page on the website is private.

How to find your team

Step 1: Locate the Team Id on the Sport Ngin site's team page

Step 2: Open the Sport Ngin app
Step 3: Select "Add Team" and search using the Team ID

Step 4: Select the + to add the team


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