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The Role of Free Play During Practice

By Billy Ward , US LaCrosse 12/12/2017, 12:00pm CST

We are in an era of cones, directions, constant supervision and control-driven coaches

Simply put, coaching is a constant balance. It’s our job to drive home the fundamentals and then ultimately give athletes the opportunity to express this. Free play does this for us.

How to Deal with Extreme Emotions in Your Athletes

By Brian Baxter, US Lacrosse 12/11/2017, 12:00pm CST

It is important to develop strategies to handle the negative emotions

The ability to re-focus your attention to the right thing at the right time is a key element in controlling anger.

How Much is Too Much?

By Paul Ohanian, US Lacrosse 12/01/2017, 12:00pm CST

Too much activity could result in overuse injuries and sports burnout

High training volume and intensity, overscheduling, and early sports specialization are generally considered to be factors that increase the risk of overuse injuries.

My Lacrosse Journey Has Just Begun

By Naoko Akutsu, US Lacrosse 11/22/2017, 12:00pm CST

These fascinating experiences through lacrosse opened a door and allowed me to see an unexpected, exciting world.


By The Paul Rabil Experience 11/16/2017, 10:30am CST

Cradling is the one thing about lacrosse that is difficult for beginners to grasp. Learn how Paul cradles the ball without defenders being able to knock it out of your stick.

Expanding Horizons for Youth Through Lacrosse

By Paul Ohanian, US Lacrosse 11/13/2017, 12:00pm CST

While competition and fun were among the priorities of the day, the underlying goal was to foster continued growth of the city’s underserved lacrosse community. 

How to Tell When Your Player is in 'The Zone'

By T.J. Buchanan, US Lacrosse 11/02/2017, 12:00pm CDT

If you want to develop performers, sometimes you just have to go with the zone.

Empowering Your Players to Think for Themselves

By Brian Logue, US Lacrosse 10/30/2017, 12:00pm CDT

You can set expectations speaking to the group, but giving each individual player realistic goals will yield bigger results

Coaches can’t program players to do everything the same way every time. The game is fluid and players have to adjust to what’s happening here and now.

Off-The-Field Training is Key to Improving On-Field Performance

By Paul Ohanian, US Lacrosse 10/27/2017, 12:00pm CDT

No longer the domain of elite athletes only, structured strength and conditioning regiments are becoming common practice among high school and middle school athletes seeking to energize their lacrosse development.

What's Good for Your Players Can Work for Your Assistant Coaches

By Brian Logue, US Lacrosse 10/19/2017, 1:15pm CDT

Put your assistants in positions where they can grow and use their voice

Being a coach isn’t easy. Everything you do is scrutinized, and the scoreboard gives you instant feedback and a way for people to judge you. You can’t lose sight of what’s most important.

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