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Kids Day 2015

kids day 2015

Kid's Day at Sport Ngin is one of the most incredible events that we host at our headquarters. In the same way, the volunteers of youth sports organizations have such a long term impact on the lives of their athletes, we look at Kid's Day as an opportunity for us to impact the lives of a group of young people who are so special to us, our children.

We want to make sure that early on in life, our children are introduced to technology as a career choice. In particular, one initiative of ours is to engage young ladies to become familiar with, and encouraged to consider, a career in technology. We view Kid's Day as an opportunity for us to bring in all of our kids, introduce them to careers in technology in the "Sport Ngin" way, and have a boat load of fun in doing so.

Here's a look at what all went down at Sport Ngin Kid's Day 2015. 

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2015 Kids

Donut Day

We started off with a special edition Kid's Day Donut Day with some extra donuts for our crew.

History and Core Values

Next up was our discussion around the Sport Ngin history and Core Values. This is such an important presentation as we discussed how the company growth and value system is very much like our families.

Trading Cards

Next up was our trading cards activity. This gives us the opportunity to show kids a few business activities including photography, graphic design, and resume building. 

Kid Photos

First, we talk about photography and take individual snap shots which will be used on their trading cards. So many fun personalities came out during this part.

Background Selection

Picking a great background for a design is key to designing a great piece. We had each of the kids find and select the perfect background for their trading cards.

Resume Building

Finally, we talked about what resumes are and had each kid create their resume. These details were used for the backs of their trading cards.


With some quick behind the scenes production from the ever awesome Frank, the cards were put together and sent for printing. We gave each kid 18 cards to share with friends, classmates, and family. The idea here is that when they hand out the cards, they will be asked "where did you get these" and will tell them about their experience at Kids Day.

2015 Kids Day Trading Cards


After a long morning, it's time for lunch and socialization. The kiddos were ready for pizza and really wanted to play some of the games in the Sport Ngin Lounge.

Parent Job Shadowing

Next up, it was time to spend some time with Mom and Dad to see what it's like to work in their role. When we asked the kids in the morning what their parents did at Sport Ngin, and answers were priceless. Now, they know exactly what they do.

Community Kids

Luke, Rylie, and Hailey's parents work in the Sport Ngin Community and Media teams. To learn what their parent's did, they got together and wrote their own article which was posted in the Sport Ngin Community and shared through Sport Ngin social media accounts! They did 100% of the work!

Check out their article

Make a PB&J with Code

Next, to teach the kids how software code works, Mike and Michael had them build instructions on how to build a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. You can't miss a step (even the obvious ones) or it just doesn't work out. 

Scavenger Hunt

The last activity of the day was an office scavenger hunt. The goal here was to have them search out people and places in the office where they would ask questions to learn about other roles and functions of the business. Mega Desk was busy!

And That's A Wrap!

Each kid left with a special edition "For the Love of Sport" tshirt and stack of trading cards. Oh, and some pretty amazing memories and stories.