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Kids Day 2016

Making the S'more

Today we did coding! We are making the code for making a s'more! Umm!!! (Rylie age 10)

Coding with Kids

Today we learned about code and we did it with s'mores (Hailey age 9)

Drawing Time

when the older kids were making trading cards the little kids were making masterpieces (Hailey age 9)

Lunch Time Conversations

These kids are having a very serious conversation. (Rylie Age 10)

Final Design

we have been working on are trading cards and they turned out great!!! (posted by Hailey age 9)

my favorite player

is stephen curry (posted by Brecken age 8)

learning about graphic design

frank and the graphic designers helped us make trading cards (posted by Tessa age 12)

trading cards

we put are favorite pictures and things on our cards (posted by Reese age 10)


we just took a tour at sport ngin (Owen age 10) and picture posted by (Quinn age 9)

Core Values & Mission

One of our co-founders, Carson Kipfer, leads a session learning about the Sport Ngin mission and hearing a history of where we came from.

Training Time

Well, not training, but we open the day with new employee class.

Game Room

Before the day starts, it's time to check out the Sport Ngin Champion's Club.


Kids day starts with donuts every one loves the donuts especially the kids! (posted by Hailey age 9)

KIDS Day 2016

Kids get their picture taken for their kids day cards.