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A grab bag of stories and articles that are of interest to parents and athletes.

How to Prepare for and Succeed at Tryouts

By Frank Serratore, Minnesota Hockey 10/19/2017, 12:00pm CDT

You don’t need to be the most gifted player on the ice to excel in a tryout, and excelling in a tryout has as much to do with mental preparation as it does physical.

Girls Hockey Weekend a Nationwide Celebration

By Mike Scandura - Special to USA Hockey 10/12/2017, 10:30am CDT

Participants skated with players from the highest levels

From the players to the parents, it’s fair to say all involved with the seventh annual IIHF World Girls Hockey Weekend considered it a success.        

Tennis balls and money

What's Lost When Only Rich Kids Play Sports

By Linda Flanagan, The Atlantic 09/29/2017, 10:15am CDT

Sports in America have separated into sports-haves and have-nots.

The income disparity in youth athletics has effects on health and success that stretch far into adulthood.

MSR Rule: "Our Team is Only as Good as Our Weakest Link"

By Sean Jensen 09/25/2017, 2:15pm CDT

Skylar Diggins stars for her team, but her dad teaches her an important lesson

Lower-Income Students Getting Shut Out of Sports

By CNBC 09/05/2017, 9:15am CDT

Beyond the Bucks: Big Added Benefits of Using RallyMe

By Bill Kerig, RallyMe 08/18/2017, 12:00pm CDT

The main reason athletes, teams, and organizations sign up for rallyme is to raise money, but increasingly we’re seeing the added benefits of running a rally may be as important as the short term financial assistance.

Create Social Media Boundaries for Your Children

By Sean Jensen 08/09/2017, 4:15pm CDT

Over two-plus decades, Reggie Roberts witnessed how the globalization of the digital revolution impacted the NFL

The Importance of Accountable Sports Parents

By TrueSport 08/08/2017, 1:45pm CDT

Youth sports parents play many different roles: former (or current) athlete, coach, fan, motivator, role model, critic, and maybe most importantly, influencer. 

At What Age Should Sports Results Matter?

By Sean Jensen 08/04/2017, 1:30pm CDT

The sporting landscape has dramatically changed in a single generation. Athletes are specializing at younger ages, colleges are offering scholarships earlier and competitive clubs and programs are becoming multi-million dollar businesses.

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