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Kick Return Team: The Cage Drill

By Coach Dave Weitz, Youth Football Online 10/20/2017, 12:00pm CDT

Work on a more effective strategy to maximize your talent

When looking at a kickoff return team it is very easy to simply assign a blocker for every defender on the kickoff team and tell your best athlete to find some space. 

USA Football: Emphasize Technique with Little Guys

By Jeff Krupsaw, Arkansas Online 10/16/2017, 11:15pm CDT

USA Football's newest safety initiative emphasizes skill and technique development with the hope of boosting participation and popularity

Ever Wonder: How many football teams have been named Texans?

By NBC Sports 10/16/2017, 11:15pm CDT

The Houston Texans haven't been the only football team in Texas with the name "Texans." Here's the history of the name in professional football.

Youth Football Players get NFL-Like Treatment

By Loren Nelson 10/16/2017, 1:00pm CDT

Gary Wipperman of the Wisconsin AAYFL goes to great length to showcase leagues

Gary Wipperman works tirelessly to give players in the Wisconsin AAYFL the sort of coverage normally reserved for colleges and the pros.

Former NFL player turns mentor to young footballers

By Greg Macafee, Tribune Sports 10/13/2017, 11:45am CDT

Mark McMillian, former NFL player, wants to do anything he can to provide kids with the opportunity to get better, something he didn't have much of when he was younger. 

Before & After: Ease of use sells booster club on new site

By Loren Nelson 10/09/2017, 3:30pm CDT

Days of difficulties posting content are over for Liberty Lions Football

Responsive design, mobile app are added bonuses as Liberty Lions Football switches to website that is much easier to manage

Liberty High Football Enjoys Success On, Off the Field

By Loren Nelson 10/02/2017, 3:45pm CDT

With no IT training, Alicia Svoboda has excelled at helping build new website.

Alicia Svoboda proves to be naturally gifted as webmaster for Phoenix-area program.

Students provide captivating content for football site

By Loren Nelson 09/25/2017, 2:45pm CDT

Webmaster Stephanie Windon, a business teacher, ensures content makes the grade at Warner Robins

Youth Football Equipment - Shoulder Pad and Helmet Fitting Videos

By Vin Sehgal, Youth Football Online 09/06/2017, 10:15am CDT

Keeping your child safe on the football field is crucial and the first way you can ensure his safety is by making sure his equipment is fit correctly.  

How to Beat the Heat

By Vin Sehgal, Youth Football Online 08/21/2017, 2:00pm CDT

Attitude matters-do not discount the dangers of the sun.

In the football world, August brings the heat in more ways than one. Heat illnesses are common, but certainly avoidable, in youth football. 

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