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Make sure your kids are developing healthy eating and sleeping habits so that they can succeed on and off the field.

Why Coaches Bully and What to Do

By TrueSport 10/17/2017, 10:15am CDT

Tips for helping your athlete deal with harmful, old-school coaching techniques

If hurtful words directed at your athlete are coming from a coach, do you know what to do?

Surprisingly, coach-on-athlete bullying situations are not as rare as we'd all like to think.

USA Football: Emphasize Technique with Little Guys

By Jeff Krupsaw, Arkansas Online 10/16/2017, 11:15pm CDT

USA Football's newest safety initiative emphasizes skill and technique development with the hope of boosting participation and popularity

Nine Ways Coaches Can Prevent Bullying

By TrueSport 10/10/2017, 10:30am CDT

Coaches can be a strong deterrent to bullying through the environment they create

Unfortunately, bullying is not uncommon. Over 70 percent of teens report seeing some kind of bullying in their schools, and 30 percent admit to having taken part in bullying.

Teens Offered More Affordable Alternative for Heart Screens

By Sam Wigness 10/02/2017, 12:30pm CDT

Tim Webert founded Minnesota-based PraeVeni to combat sudden cardiac death

Tim Webert founded Minnesota-based PraeVeni to combat shocking number of sudden cardiac death cases

Chicken breasts

Protein In a Youth Athlete's Diet

By TrueSport 09/12/2017, 11:15am CDT

Many youth athletes believe protein is the main nutrient needed in their diets.

While protein may not be the main nutrient, it does indeed play a crucial role in an athlete’s balanced nutrition, and it is an important building block for developing strength and peak performance.

Unfortunately, for many other U.S. families, consuming unhealthy foods is the norm.

youth's wrist

6 Tips to Help Kids Avoid Repetitive Stress Injuries

By Mike Hoenig, MD, Orthopaedic Associates 09/05/2017, 10:45am CDT

Sports-participation promotes physical and emotional wellness in children but too much physical activity can lead to injury. 

Understanding Background Checks: How You Can Help Keep Children Safe

By Rachael Sheinfeld, SSCI 08/30/2017, 1:45pm CDT

Tips for helping your youth sports organization find a background that meets your standards. 

Elbow injury

Arm Care and Injuries

By Daryl C. Osbahr, M.D., USA Baseball 08/21/2017, 2:15pm CDT

Serious injuries among youth and adolescent baseball pitchers are on the rise, and many of them are caused by overuse.

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