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Make sure your kids are developing healthy eating and sleeping habits so that they can succeed on and off the field.

Do You Know the Facts About Youth Sports Injuries?

By Janis B. Meredith, JBM Thinks 12/13/2017, 12:00pm CST

No parent wants to see his or her child injured, but remember that learning from injuries is just as much a part of the journey as playing in the game.

The Hockey Player's Diet

By Dana Green, LiveStrong 12/12/2017, 12:00pm CST

Before a tough workout, hockey players should eat meals rich in complex carbohydrates to make sure they have the glycogen stores to get through their workouts. 

Three Tips for Managing Youth Athlete Nutrition

By Amy Jamieson-Petonic, Stack 12/08/2017, 12:00pm CST

For travel, make sure to bring items to snack on that do not need refrigeration, such as dried fruit, nuts, dry cereal, whole grain tortilla chips, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Back to the Basics: Four Ways Youth Athletes Can Increase Performance

By Jeanne Goodes, Breaking Muscle 12/07/2017, 12:00pm CST

Coaches and trainers can help mitigate societal stressors and keep young athletes healthy through education and encouragement to get adequate sleep, to cross train, to practice good nutrition and to properly hydrate with water

Five Quick Nutrition Tips for Competitive Swimmers

By Olivier Poirier-LeRoy, Your Swim Log 12/05/2017, 12:00pm CST

While swimmers tend to be known as capable of destroying vast amounts of carbs, don’t forget they need protein to keep muscle recovery going strong.

Three Reasons You Are Feeling Stress and How to Handle It

By Janis B. Meredith, JBM Thinks 12/04/2017, 12:00pm CST

It may be that once upon a time, your child loved playing softball and she was good, so you became her biggest cheerleader and swept her along into private coaching and elite teams. But then she got burned out because that’s all she was doing.

Psychologist Weighs in on Specialization in Youth Sports

By Sandy Bauers, For The Philadelphia Inquirer 12/01/2017, 2:45pm CST

One of the myths out there is that more is better. That can drive parents to sign up their son or daughter at a very young age for an abundance of sports activities.

How Much is Too Much?

By Paul Ohanian, US Lacrosse 12/01/2017, 12:00pm CST

Too much activity could result in overuse injuries and sports burnout

High training volume and intensity, overscheduling, and early sports specialization are generally considered to be factors that increase the risk of overuse injuries.

How to Talk Food With Athletes

By Nancy Clark, CoachUp Nation 11/29/2017, 12:00pm CST

Athletes should strive for a balanced diet, filled with a variety of foods and enjoyed in moderation

You can have good health and perform well with a balanced diet, filled with a variety of foods, and enjoyed in moderation.

Eight Things to Remember When Getting Back in the Pool After an Injury

By Bryana Cielo, Swim Swam 11/28/2017, 12:00pm CST

Don’t get sucked into the tempting negativity. You will come out of this stronger, more experienced, and happier than you were before. You will grow and learn from this experience. There is no doubt about that.

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