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About the Sport Ngin User Group

About Snug

to the SportsEngine Community

Our goal

Create a valuable experience by connecting SportsEngine users with others who also passionately and tirelessly work to enhance the lives of youth athletes.

Shorter version

Hang out and have fun. Hopefully, we'll all learn a thing a two along the way.

Webmaster of the Week, Rankings, Pro Tips and Showcase, among other features, all are intended to highlight the outstanding work being done by the army of SportsEngine webmasters (that's you guys!). If there are great ideas out there, and there are thousands of them, we'll highlight them to help you take your organization to the next level.

We'll also keep you updated on the fantastic work being done by our developers. New products and features will be showcased here, and you'll have a chance to hang out with SportsEngine executives.

Best of all, membership into this exclusive community is free (with awesome benefits). So if you haven't signed up, take a couple of minutes and become a member.

Oh, and make sure you grab a seat in our forum. Soon enough, everyone will know your name.

Meet Your Neighbors
Carson Kipfer


SportsEngine Co-Founder/Chief Evangelist

Carson is Chief Evangelist at SportsEngine, which he co-founded in 2008. Carson evangelizes the SportsEngine cause and core values through communication, events and experiences. He works tirelessly to preserve and enhance SportsEngine culture. He promotes SportsEngine to the world as he interacts with the media, the tech community, prospective employees and clients.


National Media Editor

Loren has been a sports journalist for more than 25 years, working at media organizations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida and California. Nelson has won numerous local, state and national awards for his column, enterprise and feature writing on a variety of sports and topics, including Stanley Cup runs by the Tampa Bay Lightning and Anaheim Ducks. A sports editor for much of his career, Nelson has overseen departments that have produced sections and built websites that rank among the best in the nation as judged by the Associated Press Sports Editors.

Product Managers

Steve Pampuch, Director of Product

Matt Murphy, Tourney

Jason Bates, SiteBuilder

Casey Kipfer, Registration & Financials


Product Marketing Managers

Robert Bedeaux, Lacrosse, Soccer & Volleyball

Jim Dahline, Baseball, Hockey, Swimming & Wrestling


SNUG Superusers

Rodney Adams, Atlanta Area

Mark Clark, Chicago Area